Case studies

Video: starting a dominant Arabian stallion / video

Elixir was 4 years old when I started him. He has been used to be the king of the pasture, and that included humans! He was very dominant and knew nothing about respect.

  • Name: Elixir
  • Breed: Arabian
  • Age: 4 years old
  • Genre: stallion

My first approach was to consider the stallion and force respect by lungeing and backing up, which ultimately ended in big arguments around the arena.
That is where humility is important: I had to consider the fact I was wrong and try another approach, more gentle and patient.

From that moment, he started to consider my cues, to listen to me and actually enjoyed to work and be ridden. Yet, there still were some moments when we lost that connection and he got disrespectful, so we had to get back to the basis to re-connect.
Pretty soon, he will not lose the connection anymore…

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